About the CHEF

How it started, journey of our chef - Zareen Clive.

About the Chef

Zareen Clive is a passionate chef behind La Dolça. The undying love for desserts took her across continents learning the craft from some of the most prestigious and world-famous chefs. Her hunger for innovation makes her explore diverse flavours and create delicious and spectacular desserts.

With great attention to detail and passion for desserts, she embarked on a journey to bring her own pastry shop to life. Her expertise and innovative style gave her the confidence to venture into a new journey. She wants to offer decadent and healthy desserts featuring endearing flavours to Delhiites.

Her expertise lies in creating delicious pastries using the innovative B-concept. The meticulously designed method of pastry making involves creating a dish from the scratch. Using this method, Clive makes exceptionally tasty, healthy, and lip-smacking pastries and desserts. She formulates her own recipes to give a tasty spin to popular desserts.

She wants to offer delicious pastries and other types of tempting desserts that boast the right balance of taste and health. You can indulge in rich and smooth-as-silk desserts at La Dolca. The menu comprises various gluten-free and vegan options for those who want the best of both worlds. 

With a degree in BSc Hons in hospitality and hotel administration with specialization in culinary and hands-on experience in pastry making, she’s bringing a variety of delicious desserts to the city. Her unique creative flair and bold and experimental attitude are worth the attention.

She started her journey as a pastry chef in Leela Palace in Bangalore and from there she went on to work for Hard Rock Café in Dubai for a year. When the opportunity arose, she took up the job at Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort in Oman. After two years, she moved back to Dubai and this time worked in the Marriot.

When a pastry chef from a popular chocolate factory asked Clive to work for him, she was more than thrilled to run the pastry section while learning the science and magic of the bean-to-bar chocolate process.

She, later, applied for an internship and took her love for dessert to Spain to explore the world of pastry making from award-winning pastry chef   He discovered the unique B-concept that is revolutionizing pastry-making methods all over the globe. Through his distinctive style of developing his own recipes and experimenting with a wide array of mesmerizing flavours, Clive learned how to dive deep into the world of drool-worthy sweet concoctions.

While she was interning, a huge opportunity knocked at her door when a friend asked her to work at Tickets bar. Clive instantly knew that an opportunity as big as working at Michelin’s one-star restaurant may never come by  again. He’s been the head pastry chef at some of the celebrated restaurants. The culinary genius is renowned for his expertise in molecular gastronomy and transforming Spain into a pilgrimage for pastry lovers.

Upon her return to Delhi, she was aghast to discover that her own city had very little to offer to the dessert lovers. Unlike the rest of the world, the city is yet to experience the richness of tantalizing desserts. The lack of innovative pastry shops in her country’s capital prompted her to start her own bakery.

Now, she is using her culinary knowledge and experience to create unique and flavourful desserts using B-concept and a wide range of ingredients. Visit La Dolça to experience Zareen Clive’s unique style and indulge in some of the most swoon-worthy desserts.

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