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The Privacy Policy shares the policies of LA DOLÇA on the collection and usage of user information. The detailed below description will make you understand the way user information is collected and used.

The info listed on this page are in accordance with the detail stated in Terms & Conditions. In case, there is any discrepancy, you can consider the info on the Terms & Conditions page for reference.

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. In case, we update or modify the Privacy Policy, we’ll also update the content on this page. Keep checking this page for any change.

What information do we collect ?

In order to provide services, we collect the personal information of the users. Some of the info we ask for are first and last name, contact number, email id, delivery address, etc. A user needs to share this information at the time of registering on the site for account creation.

Through the collection of this info, we aim to offer a personalized shopping experience to the customers. Users who use are services share their approval for the collection of this info. We are not responsible for the collection of info by third-party websites.

What information do we collect ?

We collect your info when you open an account on the site, register for email newsletter, buy products from our site. In general, we gather data when you visit our site or use our services. We may use the info collected by third-party websites. In case, you call us for a query or issues, then we may record the call for training and quality control purposes.

How do we use your information ?

We at LA DOLÇA, collect your info for personalizing your experience on the site. Our aim is to continually improve the services. So, in order to do so, we need to personalize the user experience. Through the collection of data, we are able to provide services as per your requirements and preferences. Also, we do so to improve the website and make it more user oriented.

Account Information

A user who registers on the site gives consent to the collection of info. While registering on the account, users need to share their full name, email id, phone number, delivery address, etc. At the time of buying products, the user will have to share payment info via third-party websites and services.

Our users are free to change the information mentioned on the account or close their account as per their preference.

Financial Information

We may keep a record of all the purchases you make on the site. However, we do not store any direct financial info of the users. On our site, you will have to use third-party websites for making payments. The third-party websites and services may store financial info. We do not save critical data like card details, etc.

IP Address Information

When users visit our website or browse products online, we collect info related to their IP address. Our team may gather and store this data for statistical purposes as it allows us to keep track. We have a system that automatically gathers your IP information after you visit our website. It helps us gain an idea of what type of services you are looking for and offer you services that are specific to that geographical location.

Do we use cookies ?

Yes. When you access our site or any other site, your web browser transfers a few files to your device. Through this the internet service provider can identify the web browser you are using and collect certain info. We use cookies for personalizing the experience of the users.

You can either turn off cookie collection. By doing so, you will be preventing us from capturing some important info. For best experience on our site, we suggest you do not turn off the collection of cookies. As it may limit the access, we have to certain features that allows us to offer you a more personalized and fast service.

What happens if there is any change to the Privacy Policy?

In case of a change, we will update this page.

In case of any query regarding our Privacy Policy, you can reach out to us using the information listed below.

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